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By Laura on 3/26/2012 8:31 AM
Your refrigerator smells? That stinks! The first step in dealing with a smelly refrigerator takes a little bit of time since the first step is cleaning it. The tricky part is getting it done before your food spoils since you really need to take everything out to be thorough. Freezer packs and coolers would come in handy if you have access to some to keep your food cold while you’re cleaning. If you don’t have enough coolers, your kitchen sink actually makes a decent cooler in a pinch. Wipe down the whole inside of the refrigerator with an all-purpose cleaner. Get every surface and especially every crack and crevice. Remove the drawers and clean every surface of those as well. Clean out the drain pan below the refrigerator (which will require you to remove the bottom panel). Be careful as you remove this pan in case it has water and/or debris in it. It’s possible you’ll need to clean the drain lines running down to the drain pan as well. Pay close attention to the seals on the doors as they can build up moisture...
By Laura on 3/21/2012 6:35 AM
Need to wash your washer? Front load washers are very efficient, using less water and less energy to get clothes clean. They also seal extremely well in order to keep them from leaking. The downside to this incredible seal is that a sealed area designed to hold in moisture becomes a hotbed for mold and other awful smelling odors. You can try to prevent these smells from ever generating by leaving the washer door open when you aren’t running a load of laundry. This can be difficult due to space or for people with small children or adventurous pets. Use only HE “high efficiency” detergents which have less residue to build up in the washer. If you can, wipe down the inside of the tub after the last load to remove the moisture. A common place for moisture to build up and create mold and mildew is the seal around the door. Grab a cloth and wipe it down with some form of bleach based solution to kill off the mold. You can also use a stronger product called Affresh which is available from our technicians and parts suppliers.

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