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By Laura on 5/28/2013 6:17 AM
Bosch is introducing a new line of dishwashers that features a third rack in its’ 500 and 800 models. Bosch’s new line of dishwashers utilizes a stainless steel platform and a system engineered to run as quietly as possible to meet their reputation in North America.The tub is a “full-size” design which allows for larger racks but still has a flush mount under the counter. The models with the third rack allow 30% more loading area and provide more ways of loading the dishes. The third rack has a v-shaped style allowing room for long-stemmed wine glasses and other tall items that need to be washed. Bosch wanted their 800 Plus series to be the quietest dishwasher in America and they succeeded with an unprecedented 38dBa sound performance rating! Noise was rated as the number one factor that consumers consider when purchasing a new dishwasher so Bosch took it to heart and incorporated 18 sound-reduction technologies making it so quiet that they introduced a light indicator system to let users know that it’s even...
By Laura on 5/20/2013 6:46 AM
The global economy hasn’t exactly been inspiring confidence for quite some time but there might be a glimmer of hope says Asian financial workers. They believe that in the coming years there is a lot of potential in emerging nations.

Asia’s consumer class has been growing exponentially lately. Rising nations create wealth which allows a growing number of consumers to buy products that were out of their price range before. Appliances are a common luxury that become a commodity during an increase in wealth. Asia has about 60% of the world’s population but accounts from only 20% of the world’s consumption. That’s a large margin of buying power if this trend of rising wealth increases.

If speculators are right about this new buying class in the economy then manufacturing could be working overtime soon enough.
By Laura on 5/13/2013 6:47 AM
Several major manufacturers have conducted studies asking consumers about their perception of smart appliances throughout Germany, China, and North America. The categories they polled for were home building materials, foods, high tech electronics, and smart appliances. The discovery was that consumers do not believe there has been a strong improvement in smart appliance quality despite the ever increasing number of features available. In fact, consumers indicated that they don’t feel there has been much of an improvement in appliance quality over the last five years.

Let’s hope manufacturers take this to heart and start making appliances that are noticeably better quality! What are your thoughts on smart appliances and their quality over the last five years?
By Laura on 5/6/2013 7:28 AM
There are many places where it isn’t possible to vent a dryer such as an apartment or certain home applications where you would still want a dryer versus the alternatives. A “non-vented” dryer is a viable option if that’s all you have the choice of but they are arguably not as effective as a vented dryer. Non-vented dryers use what is called a heat exchanger to cool the air and drain off the moisture as the air condenses. This moisture runs off into a reservoir that has to be emptied or drains through a hose that drains into the septic or outside. Safety is not much more of a concern than a standard dryer as long as you follow the instruction manual for cleaning and safety concerns. All non-vented dryers are electric so there isn’t the added complication of running gas into a room with no venting. One additional complication to keep in mind with non-vented dryers is that they need to have the condensers cleaned on a regular basis as some lint can build up in them.
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