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By Laura on 5/19/2014 6:49 AM
The best way to save money is to stop spending money! There are lots of ways to spend less money on everyday things you don’t have a choice about though. There are lots of things in your house that may be using up far more of your money than you realize.Electronics for example can use up varying amounts of electricity even if they’re not being used. If you have things that you don’t use on a regular basis, it is actually a good idea to leave things unplugged. There are some gadgets you can get to monitor what is consuming electricity in your house but you can generally look up in the manual or online for electronics you leave running or anything you have question about.Another area you can save money in the house is in water consumption. Appliances have become extremely efficient… but we have not! It is shocking how much water we use on a regular basis in brushing our teeth, taking a shower, even going to the bathroom. Heads are available for all faucets and showers that can provide the same feel of water quantity...
By Laura on 5/12/2014 5:45 PM
Spring comes quickly and so does growing season if you like your flowers. If you don't manage to plant bulbs during the suggested time, go ahead and plant them as soon as you can. The suggested time is right after a frost but bulbs can be planted later if you're timing isn't perfect.Tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, and crocuses are usually okay to plant later as long as they have been kept cool. Eranthis, Erythronium, Eremurus, Trillium, and Anemone on the other hand have to be planted early or they likely won’t bloom on time in the late fall.Pansies are an easy plant to get in the ground and they do very well in the cooler time of the spring and produce beautiful colours. Yellow trillium is an early spring plant that loses its flowers and marbled leave foliage by June. If you have a shaded garden, Snowdrop Anemone are a beautiful bright flower that pops up in clusters and they’re one of few flowers that have been known to make a second appearance in fall when the weather starts to cool off again.If you like the...
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