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By Laura on 7/29/2013 6:37 AM
When a company as big as General Electric designs an entire line for the sole purpose of targeting a new demographic, it’s probably a good idea to take notice.  GE has decided to go after the “20-somethings” demographic with a new line in their lower price range. They believe that this age group asks their parents for recommendations and feel that the “advising” age group considers GE to be a reliable brand so they wanted to have an appealing appliance line to meet the expectations of the advice given to them. They have developed an entire kitchen line-up with refrigerator/freezer, range/oven, and dishwasher all at reasonable prices. They are all relatively no frills appliances to cut costs and to keep things simple since odds are new cooks won’t be diving into double-convection and built-in griddles. 

The design is intended to be reminiscent of “familiar design themes” but bringing them up to date. We all know this as “retro” but apparently the design team is touchy about using that term. They did also...
By Laura on 7/22/2013 7:43 AM
If you’re looking to purchase a new washer, there are several things you should take into account. Capacity is a hard one to decide on but you should get one that suits your needs. Manufacturers used to have multiple sizing formulas for determining tub capacity. They were advertising for appliances without an industry standard making it very difficult for consumers to determine washer capacity.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) helped companies decide on a standard to base their tub sizes off of so sizing should be a lot easier to figure out.

As far as figuring out what size you personally need, take notice of how much laundry you do in each load. While a huge capacity might be great if you do huge loads at a time but if you break it up into smaller loads by colors you may not need a huge tub. Most importantly, do tons of research to be sure you’re getting an appliance with the highest reliability possible in the class you’re looking at. Feel free to give us a call if you’re...
By Laura on 7/15/2013 8:13 AM
Appliances have been around for many generations before us but people don’t seem to realize that appliances used to last through generations. They would require regular maintenance but the frame and basic structures could last several decades before being replaced. They were built to last! Early Frigidaire refrigerators (which were built by General Electric) were known to last up to 50 years!

Maytag washers used to be able to be repaired with just a handful of parts they had so few things go wrong with them. They even had a running joke for how lonely the Maytag repair man was because he had so little work!

So what happened? A push for reduced energy consumption happened. As populations grew, so did energy consumption and at a massive rate so everyone got the idea that energy usage was more important than the longevity of the appliances. Appliances are being built to match specific numbers that have been set as standards for efficiency but haven’t taken into account how much more is spent on repairs...
By Laura on 7/9/2013 6:29 AM

We post blogs on information that we find interesting but we would love your feedback! We have a lot of knowledge between all of us at Totem so let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get on it. We don’t want to get into specific repairs because let’s be honest, who wants to hear about so and so’s leaking washer door but other than that we’re pretty flexible.

Feel free to comment on here or say hi and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for all the support and loyal customers!

By Laura on 7/1/2013 7:03 AM
In the midst of the awful flooding in Calgary, we would like to extent our sympathies to all that have been affected by this tragedy.

We came across this link that has a lot of information on the flooding with lists of means for volunteering as well as financial aid programs being offered to those affected by the floods.
By Laura on 6/24/2013 5:40 AM
It’s been a while since we did a trends update so I thought we’d do the first of the year now that we’re a little ways into it and see what’s making headlines (and magazines covers). Many trends are carry-overs from last year that are still gaining popularity. Gray color schemes in the kitchen are up 55% since 2010. This is a difficult look to pull off correctly but with some well-coordinated contrast, gray themes can look stunning and memorable.Transitional kitchen styles are on the rise making it possible to blend traditional kitchens with contemporary warmth.Quartz is close second to granite in the kitchen. Quartz products are known for having the best of granite and the best of “man-made” products. They are stone based so they are extremely hard and durable. They both have pros and cons but many people are starting to lean towards quartz these days.According to Retail Observer “The total cost of the average kitchen” is down nearly $4,000. The present economy is making a lot of changes to consumer buying but...
By Laura on 6/17/2013 6:21 AM
Whirlpool Corporation recently accused foreign manufacturers such as Samsung and LG of selling washing machines in North America below fair market value. This is known as “dumping” where a company takes a deliberate loss in sales profits typically to try and over-ride their competition to push them out of the market. Whirlpool just won this case which the Department of Commerce has proposed preventing this dumping by forcing tariffs on imports from South Korean and Mexican manufactured appliances made by companies such as LG, Samsung, Daewoo, and Electrolux in the range of 11 to 151 percent. It has been discovered that Korean government has been subsidizing companies such as Samsung and LG.Manufacturers such as Samsung have voiced their disappointment in the decision saying it will likely reduce washer choices for North American buyers. Other manufacturers are yet to comment on the decision.The goal is to keep Whirlpool from having to drop more employees and lose more shares. Even Sears Holding Corp. has been...
By Laura on 6/10/2013 6:35 AM
There’s a concept in engineering known as “ecodesign” that has been around for a while. There are lots of tools they’ve developed to measure how much the appliances manufacturers change the environment throughout the future use of the appliances. There are three main things that motivate manufacturers: regulations, market factors, and competitors. There are a lot of organizations that specify minimum requirements for energy levels and water usage on different appliances especially in North America. These regulations have certainly raised standards and come a long way in improving energy consumption in a wide range of appliances.Comptetition factors in where a manufacturer has to either lead the industry or keep up. Since it’s rare that a manufacturer develops a new appliance that they can trademark and lead the industry in, they have to be at the forefront of developing new features and exceeding standards to remain competitive.Market factors are about affecting a manufacturer’s view in the market both positive...
By Laura on 6/3/2013 6:27 AM
Washers have been getting more and more efficient and quieter. Ever wonder how? The motors are getting smaller! They have also been incorporating a lot of less energy hungry electronics but for the most part, the quieter operation is a result of insulation and smaller quieter motors. In order for these little motors to crank a drum around at the impressive 1,500+ rpm that most front load washers spin at, these motors have to be impressive to endure years of use.

A lot of engineering goes into finding motors that drive these drums to the speeds required to wring as much water out of the clothes as possible before throwing them into the dryer. There’s even a whole science behind the technology they use to slow the drum back down after spinning!

The best part of all this is that the more research manufactures do to cut down on noise and electricity usage, the more money the end user saves as well!
By Laura on 5/28/2013 6:17 AM
Bosch is introducing a new line of dishwashers that features a third rack in its’ 500 and 800 models. Bosch’s new line of dishwashers utilizes a stainless steel platform and a system engineered to run as quietly as possible to meet their reputation in North America.The tub is a “full-size” design which allows for larger racks but still has a flush mount under the counter. The models with the third rack allow 30% more loading area and provide more ways of loading the dishes. The third rack has a v-shaped style allowing room for long-stemmed wine glasses and other tall items that need to be washed. Bosch wanted their 800 Plus series to be the quietest dishwasher in America and they succeeded with an unprecedented 38dBa sound performance rating! Noise was rated as the number one factor that consumers consider when purchasing a new dishwasher so Bosch took it to heart and incorporated 18 sound-reduction technologies making it so quiet that they introduced a light indicator system to let users know that it’s even...
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