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You're not cool unless... Part 1

May 29

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We have all seen several trends come and go, sometimes without realizing it. So many juicers and various small-scale cooking devices have flooded the markets and left almost as quickly. Some stuck around long enough to be useful but eventually lost popularity… i.e. foreman grill… Anyways, the same is true of full scale appliances. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re paying for an increase in quality for a product or just a premium for its popularity. I’m going to do my best to break down a few past and current trends to help you figure out what is worth spending your money on. First off, stainless steel is a touchy subject but it seems to finally be just about preference more than about its popularity as a trend. Some people still swear by it despite its cold feel and the hassle of trying to keep fingerprints off it… It has a very classy look but beware that when there are too many appliances and large-scale appliances, a kitchen with too much steel can quickly look more like an operating room if you’re not careful in its design.

Doors and drawers are currently a popular addition. Heating drawers, cooling drawers, chilling drawers, microwaving drawers, doors with ice makers behind them… You name it, someone makes it. I’m not even sure who started these clever designs but I can tell you they’re not going away anytime soon. When I first saw the wine-cooling drawers, it just made sense. I found that people that like to entertain would be willing to spend a premium to do it well and with style. It wasn’t until dishwashers became available with separate drawer compartments that I realized just how heavily flooded the market are with various drawer appliances. As if that wasn’t enough of a sign of their popularity, I was serious about the microwave drawers! Below counter microwaves are available for those that don’t feel like swinging a microwave door open. One cool drawer is on refrigerators (no pun intended). Some styles now have a drawer between the refrigerator and freezer that can regulate its temperature to anywhere between the two. You can put it at the refrigerator temp for extra space, in between to chill things, or drop it to the freezer temperature if you picked up one too many frozen dinners one week. Trend or not, this one is extremely convenient and a huge hit for style points.

French door refrigerators are a very useful addition to the appliance industry. Time will tell, but odds are this one will go beyond the trend classification and become a standard. With enough room to open the doors completely, they offer a huge amount of visibility and easy access to everything in the refrigerator. Some people don’t like the bottom mount freezers but the designs with deep sliding top drawer make the depth of the drawer a non-issue and are still high enough that you’re not climbing into it to grab what you need.

to be continued...


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