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Part 3: Getting Rid of Unwanted Appliance Smells

Apr 2

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Garbage disposal smells more like a sewage truck? The most common issue with garbage disposals is a buildup within the unit itself. Most people run their food waste through it with the water running but immediately shut the unit off. The blades chop up what you put in there but it slings the debris onto the outside walls of the unit which needs to be washed off. The general rule of thumb is to run at least a gallon of water through with the disposal still running after it’s done chopping (it’s a good idea to pour a little dish detergent in there too to add a cleaning agent). Unfortunately, you’re already past this stage if it smells foul. You most likely have a caked up garbage disposal and it needs more than just some water and detergent. The good news is that the best solutions I’ve come across are easy and inexpensive.

Lemons! Chop up some lemons into quarters and run those through the garbage disposal with lots of water. Leave the water and the disposal running for about 30-40 seconds. If you have a plug for the sink, the next step is to fill up the sink at least 2/3 of the way and add a decent amount of baking soda and dish detergent then remove the drain and run the disposal while the water is going through. I would go ahead and repeat the process with the lemons after this. This should help clear out both the debris on the sides of the disposal walls and whatever may have built up on the blades. Another area that gets simple buildup can be under the rubber flaps of the cover. These can be cleaned with a brush and whatever cleaner you have on hand (I recommend baking soda and lemon juice). If these steps don’t remove the odor or it doesn’t stay away, your problem might be beyond a simple remedy and the professionals should be called in to diagnose where the problem is coming from.  Another quick tip is to run ice through the disposal to sharpen the blades


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