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Oven Safety 101

Dec 3

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Cooking is the number one cause of house fires. Most of us have sat around a bonfire at some point roasting marshmallows and chatting. Fires are great when they’re somewhere they’re supposed to be and are kept contained. If you’ve ever had something ignite in your home then you know this doesn’t bring any of those good feelings. Oven fires are extremely dangerous and unfortunately more common than most of us want to admit. Sometimes all it takes is leaving something on a heater coil that boiled over from the last baking project and the bottom of your oven erupts into flame when you open the door.

The most important safety advice is to never leave cooking unattended. At the very least, check on what you’re cooking every 20 – 30 minutes and never leave the house while anything is cooking. Turn off any cooking appliance as soon as you’re done cooking to make sure you don’t forget to.

Keep appliances clean and wipe all surfaces of any debris from spills or crumbles. Be particularly diligent in keeping your oven and stovetops clean. Keep all flammable objects such as dish towels, recipe books, even pot holders at least three feet from the stove or any cooking surface. 

In the event of an oven fire, leave its door closed and safely shut off the heat immediately. If the fire doesn’t go out immediately, call the fire department.

A very common fire in ovens is caused by grease buildup that ignites when the oven gets to a high temperature. If the flame is small enough, slide a lid over the pan and shut the burner off. DO NOT move the pan or you risk dropping it and creating a house fire. Never throw water on grease fires or it will scatter the grease and the fire with it. You can throw baking soda on it to douse the flame.

When using a stove or oven, be mindful of what you wear since loose clothing could ignite from a burner or dangling on an open oven door if you aren’t careful.


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