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Part 4: Getting Rid of Unwanted Appliance Smells

Apr 9

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Dishwasher smells like a dumpster? The first thing to look at if the dishwasher smells is the bottom of the basin. Pull the bottom rack out and take a look around. Sometimes the filters get clogged up or just have something floating around that didn’t make it through and started rotting. Clear those things out and wipe the bottom down with some dish detergent or baking soda and water and see if that clears things up. If that wasn’t it, check the gaskets around the edges of the washer for mold or any other buildup. Wipe them down with a cleaning agent and maybe even diluted bleach solution. Many people recommend running the wash with a cup of vinegar through an empty cycle to kill off any bacteria in places you can’t get to for cleaning. Another tip I’ve come across is running baking soda through an empty cycle to kill off odors. There are also additives that you can get from local stores made by familiar cleaning agent companies that help kill off odors. If this is a recurring issue then it’s also possible that the detergent you’re using is leaving a residue behind and you may want to try a different detergent. Do not run bleach through the dishwasher! It is ok to wipe it down with a bleach solution but bleach wreaks havoc on plumbing and septic systems. Freshener tablets such as Affresh are also available from our technicians and parts suppliers to help eliminate odors and residue buildup.


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