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Squeaky Clean - Electric Range Cleaning 101

Feb 4

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Many of our appliances can usually go a long time without being cleaned as long as you don’t spill anything but ovens and cooktops are a different story. No matter how careful you are, when you are cooking, things can get messy so it’s just a matter of HOW messy. 

There are a bunch of products that claim to work with a single swipe of their miracle product. I hate to break it to you QVC addicts but they don’t usually work. Cleaning takes some work no matter how good the product is and you need to be careful that cleaning detergents aren’t so strong that they damage what you’re cleaning. Many surfaces specifically say to only use non-abrasive cleaners and pads. 

Electric burners should only be cleaned when they are cold to make sure there’s no way you can burn yourself. Most burner coils lift up then pull out. Grab a cleaning cloth and some soapy water and wipe them down. Never submerge the burners or any electrical portion of them in water but you may need to soak them down pretty well to get up any food the burner didn’t cook off. If that’s not cutting it, mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part water into a paste to gently scrub at the residue. Let the paste sit on the burner for a bit to let it soak in if you have to.

The drip pans under electric burners can also get a buildup in them if anything (or several things) spills over into them. Take those out carefully and dump out anything loose in them then wipe them down and clean them out before putting them back in.

Make sure the burners are completely dry before putting them back in! Keep in mind that they are electric and if they were wet, they could potentially arc electricity which could cause serious harm. Also make sure they are completely dry before turning them on. The water could cause a part of the coil to not heat as quickly and can cause damage to the coil.


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