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If your DCS dishwasher has stopped working, there are a few things that you can check before you call for service. Totem Appliance Service suggests trying these tips first.

The first thing to check is the power. There are four things that you can take a look at. If your dishwasher has a cord that plugs in, check it first. Inspect the cord, the plug, and the actual outlet to make sure everything is working. The next thing to check is the home's circuit breaker. Most dishwashers have their very own circuit, and your dishwasher might have overloaded it.

The next thing to check is the dishwasher door. It must be closed very tightly and latched. There is a sensor that prevents your DCS dishwasher from operating if the door is not closed all the way. Check all of the settings on the front of the dishwasher too. Make sure everything looks good.

If these tips do not get your DCS dishwasher working again, then your dishwasher most likely needs service. Totem Appliance Service in Vancouver, Calgary, Fraser Valley can quickly repair your DCS dishwasher and have it working just like new again. Give them a call today.
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New water heaters are more efficient than your old one, but there is no need to replace an old one that is not leaking. If the outside of your heater feels hot to the touch, you’re losing heat that’s costing you money. Purchase an insulating “jacket” and make your older water heater as efficient as possible until you need to replace it.

Metro Vancouver: (866) 933-1333
Calgary: (877) 700-5414
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Looking for more information about DCS? Check out the manufacturer's website or consumer contact phone number (888) 936-7872
Before beginning a cycle, run the hot water in the sink first until it's as hot as possible then start the dishwasher. All dishwashers require a minimum incoming water temperature of  49C / 120F to help them clean properly.