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You never really know just how much you depend on your DCS freezer until that unfortunate day that it stops working. It has been silently working day in and day out, and even at night. It never gets a break. It is a wonder that it works so well. Now you have a serious problem. You have a freezer full of food and it could very easily spoil.

You are going to need to have your DCS freezer serviced, and you are going to need it serviced fast. Totem Appliance Service offers emergency appliance repair for situations just like this in Vancouver, Calgary, and Fraser Valley. Your DCS freezer becomes their number one priority. They do not want your food to go to waste, and they are the only appliance repair company that actually cares about you and your appliances.

You get the benefit of having an appliance repair company that has experience, the tools, the know how, fast service, dependability, honesty and you as their priority. Give them a call today.
Useful Tip   7

If you're buying in bulk, repackage the individual items into portions you're likely to use before storing in the freezer. Hamburger meat, for example, should be wrapped and frozen according to what you'll use for a meal so there's no waste. Ditto for many other large count packages. Make sure you don’t lose track of food stored in the freezer by keeping AND CONTINUALLY UPDATING an inventory sheet.

Metro Vancouver: (866) 933-1333
Calgary: (877) 700-5414
Fraser Valley: (888) 909-5160

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Looking for more information about DCS? Check out the manufacturer's website or consumer contact phone number (888) 936-7872