Hotpoint Appliance Repair - Vancouver, Calgary, & Fraser Valley

Did you know that Hotpoint appliances got their start in California? They were the first company to offer an electric iron to the public. That is where the name comes from. It refers to the hottest point of the iron.

Today things are much different. Hot point manufactures a full line of home appliances in the United States and The UK, but that is not why you are here. You are here because your Hotpoint appliance is in need of service.

Appliances are used every single day. Some of them are used all day and night. Take your Hotpoint refrigerator for instance. It is being used constantly. It is a wonder that modern appliances last as long as they do.

If your Hotpoint appliance is not doing what it is supposed to do, then call Totem Appliance Service in Metro Vancouver, Calgary, and Fraser Valley. They will quickly send out a trained appliance repair technician that will have your Hotpoint appliances working like new. Call them today.

Hotpoint Brand Information

Looking for more information on Hotpoint Appliances? Check out their manufacturer's website or contact them at their consumer contact number (800) 432-2737
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