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Inglis Dishwasher Repair - Vancouver, Calgary, & Fraser Valley

Dishwashers are one of the most common household appliances that needs repair. Your Inglis dishwasher is used on a daily basis, and it goes through a lot more actual use than the other appliance in your home. It is no wonder that they break down from time to time. It is actually pretty amazing that they do not break more often.

Now you are presented with a new problem. You need to find an appliance repair company that knows how to repair your Inglis dishwasher. Inglis dishwashers are made here in Canada, and while they are not much different than other dishwashers on the market, they do require different parts for repair. Totem Appliance Services not only specializes in Inglis appliance repair, but they also keep most of the repair parts on hand. Other appliance repair companies might leave you hanging while they wait and order the parts. That is no way to treat a customer, and with Totem Appliance Services in Metro Vancouver, Calgary, & Fraser Valley you will never have to deal with this sort of problem. Give them a call today.

Inglis Brand Information

Looking for more information on Inglis? Check out the manufacturer's website www.whirlpool.com or consumer contact number (800) 807-6777
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